Torque Controlled Pneumatic Rolling Motors

The Quality You Need. The Compatibility You Want.

The ET Motors are ideal for rolling small tubes commonly found in oil coolers and other small heat exchangers.

ET720 Series Motor
  • Tube Size: 0.250″ to 0.500″ (6.35 – 12.7mm) OD

  • Type: Rolling Motors

  • Application: Oil coolers and heat exchangers.


A Motor You Can Count On

ET Series Motors have undergone extensive testing, proving long tool life and quality.

Consistent Tube Expansion

Torque actuated cams accurately measure torque to provide consistent expansions each time.

Less Operator Fatigue

Lightweight aluminum core reduces operator fatigue.

Highly Durable

Rugged carbon fiber infused handle is designed to improve ergonomics and provide long tool life.

ET720 Motor

Roll Small Tubes Faster

Elliott’s new -2500 RPM motor rolls small, thin tubes quickly & effectively.

Small Tubes, More Torque

Adjust torque from 2-75 in lbs to roll heavier applications with the new -550 RPM motor.

720 Style Rolling Motor

True Compatibility

Parts are compatible with the original Airetool® 720 for convenient maintenance of existing motors. Elliott also offers repair services for existing Airetool® motors.