Semi-Continuous Tube Puller

Lightweight And Compact Design For Smaller Work Spaces.

The Elliott’s Cyclgrip Semi-Continuous Tube Puller is an engineered product that continuously pulls chiller, heat exchanger, and condenser tubes after the tubes have been pulled free from the tube sheet.

  • Tube Size: 0.500” to 1.000” (12.7 – 25.4mm) OD

  • Type: Tube Puller

  • Pulling Speed Per Minute: 10′ (3.3m)

Faster Tube Removal With The Elliott Cyclgrip Semi-Continuous Tube Puller

“AREVA expects to double the tube removal speed by using the Elliott Cyclgrip tool. Since this tool only requires two people, AREVA can use other personnel more effectively.”

Michael Mansfield, AREVA, Inc.

Adjusts To A Variety Of Tube Sizes

The Cyclgrip’s unique design allows it to adjust to tube sizes without any additional tooling or tool adjustments.

Great For Smaller Work Spaces

The puller’s slim profile allows side tube mounting adjacent to water box and channel plates.

Greater Productivity

The Cyclgrip can also easily pull tubes that have been expanded into baffle or support plates, eliminating the use of tiresome slam hammers and accelerating removal.

Easy To Maintain

The Cylcgrip’s simple design requires no extra tooling, lowering tooling expenses.