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Overcoming Challenges When Expanding Small Tubes


Tube expansion can be challenging regardless of the application. From inconsistent wall thicknesses to exotic materials, a lot of factors can influence the quality of an expansion. In smaller applications, there can be some additional complexity to the process which makes choosing the right expander more critical.

Overcoming Challenges When Expanding Small Tubes2023-02-02T10:43:32-05:00

3 Tips For Optimal Pneumatic Tool Performance


Pneumatic tools are utilized in a variety of tube tool applications from expansion to cleaning. While the power source is often determined based on operator preference, there are some applications where air may be required or preferred over electric. However, to get the best life and performance out of pneumatic tooling, it’s important that the quality of air and the amount used is regulated correctly.

3 Tips For Optimal Pneumatic Tool Performance2023-02-02T10:45:09-05:00

Best Practices for Removing Boiler Tubes


Boiler tube removal can be an extremely difficult process and the method used will vary depending on the application. The amount of expansion, as well as, the age of the tube and whether or not it was welded will all impact the removal process. Despite the challenging nature of removal, there are a few tips that can help make this tough job a little bit easier.

Best Practices for Removing Boiler Tubes2023-04-11T10:54:47-05:00
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