Overcoming Challenges With Enhanced Tubes


Enhanced surface tubing has grown in popularity in recent years, with many different styles and options available. While enhancements are preferred for efficiency, they can pose some challenges to operators. As a result, it’s important to be aware of best practices before working with enhanced tubes to ensure that the job is done efficiently and without any damage.

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Alfa Laval Reduces Expansion Cycle Times By 50%


Alfa Laval ACE, located in Broken Arrow, OK, specializes in heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling technology. With a focus on producing quality air coolers for their customers, rolling consistency was of utmost importance. With their current tube rolling method relying heavily on operator feel to regulate the amount of wall reduction, the accuracy of wall reduction was lower than desired. This resulted in too much time spent re-rolling tubes.

Alfa Laval Reduces Expansion Cycle Times By 50%2022-06-13T12:57:29-05:00

Eliminate The Hassle Of Broken Or Jammed Tube Cleaner Cables


Contractors and maintenance personnel agree, the current method of tube cleaning using a rotary flexible cable to clean chillers is a hassle. The cable is problematic; it breaks, the feeding mechanism jams, and the feeder needs frequent and costly repairs. Substantial downtime is encountered to repair cables and units.

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How To Expand Welded Tubes


Expanding tubes after they have been welded can be frustrating for operators. If not rolled properly, tube material can build up and put stress on the weld. In extreme cases the tube material can build up so much that the expander can get stuck in the tube, delaying the job.

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Expanding Tubes In Heat Exchangers


Before you can start rolling, you will need to select the right expander for the job. Tube OD, and Wall/BWG will determine the size of the expander. However, there are some other factors to consider, such as tube projection, roll length, reach requirements, space constraints, and whether it’s minimum or average wall tubing.

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Materials, Tube Leaks, & Pre-Expansion Steps


In general, you want to roll to the lowest wall reduction possible where a tight tube to tube sheet joint can be achieved. The harder the material the less wall reduction required to obtain a tube joint.  You should always consult the manufacturer of the heat transfer vessel for specific information before undertaking any maintenance procedures.

Materials, Tube Leaks, & Pre-Expansion Steps2022-06-13T13:03:19-05:00
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