Mechanical Designer

Mechanical Designer

Elliott Tool Technologies is looking for a Mechanical Designer who is passionate about work and solving customer challenges in a fast-paced, high energy work environment, and who are looking to further their knowledge and skills.

Why Choose Elliott?

  • You will be part of an exciting and fast-paced industry. You’ll be helping customers solve their business challenges, offering customized solutions and closing deals.
  • You will be successful. We will provide you with comprehensive training and the tools necessary to succeed and reach your full potential.
  • You will grow. We will provide you with mentorship and an organizational structure that provides continuous learning opportunities.
  • You will be part of a culture that values integrity and mutual accountability, a culture where people are passionate about their work and share a common vision—“Quality specialty tools for an “I need it yesterday world.”
  • You will be part of a company that values family and supports a healthy work-life balance.
  • You will have stability. You will be joining a profitable company with a 125-year track record of innovation and success where many of our Team Members choose to stay and grow. Our average tenure is 11 years

As the Mechanical Designer, you’ll be:

  • Using Autodesk Inventor to transform and refine initial, rough product designs of complex mechanical assemblies into final working documents.
  • Reviewing engineering drawings and designs to ensure adherence to established specifications and standards.
  • Collaborating with Product & Project Engineers to resolve any discrepancies between the design of legacy products and current design standards.
  • Maintaining design documentation in Elliott’s ERP (drawings, bills of material, etc.).
  • Creating detailed designs for tools and fixtures to support the manufacture of products.
  • Working cross-functionally with other departments to solve customer challenges and drive continuous improvement.

What’s a typical day like?

Imagine starting the day creating detailed, engineering drawings for a new product, based on concept models provided to you by a Project Engineer. As you analyze the models, you notice that two mating components will interfere, which compromises the design. You tactfully consult with the Project Engineer about the issue and work out a solution to ensure the proper working clearance. You complete the detailed prints and return them to the Project Engineer to be checked. After the prints are checked, you upload the .STL files to the 3D printer and start a prototype print that will be shared during the next Project Meeting.

Later that morning, a Manufacturing Engineer comes to you with an urgent request: He is routing a new part for a special order and needs a fixture to locate the part during a critical milling operation. The parts must be produced this week or the customer will miss their delivery schedule.

You head out to the floor to review the machine set-up and the two of you sketch out a concept for the fixture. You quickly model a detailed print of the fixture, which you submit to another member of the Engineering Team to review. After reviewing your final fixture design, you create the Item Card and Bill of Materials in the ERP system and release the tool to be constructed to support the production run.

After lunch, you return to work on a Standard Product Optimization (SPO) project. Earlier in the month, the Engineering and Operations team determined that the number of individual components and daily machine change-overs needed to support a legacy product line could be significantly reduced by standardizing the design of common components so they can be used on multiple tools.

You have been utilizing iLogic to create the various iterations of common parts and update prints to reflect the changes needed. This automation tool saves you significant design time. After updating the prints, you submit an Engineering Change Notification for the first round of improvements, which the Engineering Manager approves. The Project Team expects these changes to double the life of the tool and result in a 40% reduction in manufacturing costs!

At the end of the day, the Marketing Manager stops by to thank you for the 3D animations and product rendering you created for a recent marketing campaign. He reports that your efforts have helped the team generate new leads and increase sales by 10%!

Every day you will be doing work that really matters. You will be helping customers solve their business challenges. You will have an opportunity to do your best work and make a real impact.

We are looking for talented people. Do you have what it takes?

  • Your education and discipline is mechanical design or drafting.
  • You live within a 45-minute commute of Dayton, OH.
  • You bring skills and expertise in 3D modeling and technical drawing.
  • You have the discipline to maintain focus and attention to detail.
  • You are process-driven and enjoy consistent routine in your daily work environment.
  • You are self-motivated, diligent, passionate about work, and always looking for more. You seek ownership, accountability and take responsibility for your actions.
  • You are a team player. You are others centered. You are teachable, coachable. You are confident but you don’t promote yourself.
  • You have mutual respect with your peers. You interact appropriately with others. You are aware of the impact of your words and actions.
  • You are process and results-oriented. You do what you say you’ll do and deliver on your promises. You achieve consistently good results.

Let’s talk. If you are passionate about work and solving customer challenges in a fastpaced, high energy work environment, and looking to further your knowledge and skills, then let’s have a conversation. We’ll keep it confidential.

Please reach out via LinkedIn or by emailing your resume with contact information to We’d love to connect with you.

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