Bold precision, fierce productivity.

Engineered with productivity and precision in mind, Elliott’s assisted tube rolling system completes the job right the first time.

  • Supports Motor Weight
  • Absorbs Torque
  • Ergonomic
  • Large Radial Reach
  • Easy To Move
  • Built-in Safety Features

Two series to meet demanding production schedules.

Both Rapid Hawk series utilize an electronic torque control system to precisely measure tube expansion and consistently hit target every time. For the first time, an electronic torque control can be used regardless of the motor’s power source.

Electric Series

Elliott’s proven electric rolling system combines an electric rolling motor and ELC110220 torque
controller. Learn More

Hybrid Series

Elliott’s robust power head driven by a pneumatic motor with electric torque control provided by Elliott’s patent pending Direct Torque technology. Learn More

Safe & Ergonomic

The Rapid Hawk’s articulated arm supports the weight and absorbs the torque of the rolling motor using a pneumatic counterbalance, which allows the operator to effortlessly move the motor into position.

Quick & Easy Setup

Ergonomically roll a large area of tubes without readjusting the Rapid Hawk, with its large radial reach. For convenient transportation of the unit, it is equipped with heavy-duty casters, forklift pockets, and a hoist ring.

Get Up & Running Quickly

Rapid Hawk Articulated Arm

Articulated Arm
Fully assembled articulated arm minimizes setup time by arriving fully assembled.

Easy To Move

Rapid Hawk Articulated Arm

Heavy-duty casters, forklift pockets, and hoist ring, provide a variety of methods to easily move the Rapid Hawk around facilities.

Simple To Setup

Rapid Hawk Articulated Arm

Filter/Regulator & Lubrication
Filter/Regulator & Lubrication allows for simple setup of the Rapid Hawk and decreases maintenance by extending the life of the pneumatic counterbalance and air motor.

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