Expanding Tubes In Heat Exchangers


Before you can start rolling, you will need to select the right expander for the job. Tube OD, and Wall/BWG will determine the size of the expander. However, there are some other factors to consider, such as tube projection, roll length, reach requirements, space constraints, and whether it’s minimum or average wall tubing.

Expanding Tubes In Heat Exchangers2022-10-05T12:02:58-05:00

Common Tube Removal Problems Solved


Retubing a vessel can be very extremely difficult depending on the type of vessel, how long the tube has been in service, and how efficient the initial expansion was. From support sheet bending to broken tubes, there are many issues that an operator can face during the removal process. Here are some tips & tricks you can use to overcome these common tube removal problems.

Common Tube Removal Problems Solved2022-09-22T14:38:05-05:00
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