Monster Hawk

Hydraulically-Driven Assisted Tube Rolling System

When Every Second Counts.

True parallel pin rolling with the highest productivity of any assisted tube rolling system.

  • True Parallel Pin Tube Rolling

  • Up To 2X The Speed Of Conventional Rolling

  • Automatic Tool Lubrication

  • Large Radial Reach

  • Easy To Move

  • Operator Friendly Controls

Increased Productivity

Offering the speed, power, and productivity of a hydraulic motor with the precision and control of an electronic system, it maximizes productivity by providing the fastest cycle times for mechanical expansion while eliminating costly rework from less precise methods.

Blazingly Fast, Same Precise Control

Increase the speed with up to twice the speed of tapered rolling while expanding each tube to spec with Direct Torque™ electronic control system.

True Parallel Pin Tube Rolling

Parallel pin can also reduce the stress created on welded tube joints when compared to tapered rolling.

Automatic Tool Lubrication

Through the cage Auto-Lubrication increases tool life by providing automatic expander lubrication exactly where it’s needed.

Change Tooling Quickly

Quick change chuck system allows you to quickly change out tooling.

Consistent Tube Expansion

Direct Torque™ measures the torque and controls system functions regardless of fluctuations in hydraulic oil temperatures. Allowing you to roll to the target wall reduction each time to eliminate costly re-rolling.

Roll Every Tube To Spec

Direct Torque™ allows you to roll to the target wall reduction every time.

Increase Tool Life

Swivel Mount supports the Power Head to relieve weight stress and increase expander life.

Quick & Easy Setup

For convenient transportation of the unit, it is equipped with heavy-duty casters, forklift pockets, and a hoist ring.

Get Up & Running Quickly

The Articulated Arm arrives fully assembled.

Easy To Move

3 methods for moving: Heavy-duty casters, forklift pockets, and a hoist ring.

Simple To Setup

Filter/Regulator with Lubricator allows for simple setup and decreased maintenance.

Operator Friendly

Combining a hydraulically driven power head with Elliott’s patent-pending Direct Torque™ technology, operators simply set a target torque and start rolling.

Operator Friendly Controls

No need to understand hydraulic pressures with the easy to use control panel, the operator simply sets the torque.

Instant On

Allows the operator to start rolling immediately without waiting for the hydraulics to warm up.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Keep cool in even the most demanding applications.

Safe & Ergonomic

Ergonomically roll a large area of tubes without readjusting the Monster Hawk, with its large radial reach.

More Reach, Less Re-Adjusting

Large reach radius increases productivity by allowing a large area of tubes to be rolled without re-adjusitng the unit.

Supports Tool Weight

Pneumatic Counterbalance decreases operator fatigue by absorbing torque and allowing effortless positioning of the arm and rolling motor.

Effortless Positioning

Articulated Arm

Increases operator ergonomics and decreases operator fatigue by supporting tool weight.

Built-In Safety Features

Safety Control Valve

Protects the operator by eliminating a sudden drop of the articulated arm in case of pneumatic air loss.

Works Great In Small Work Spaces

Weighted Pedestal

For convenient placement, even in a small workspace, with its compact design and small footprint.