Elliptical Deburring

Precision Metal Finishing Tools

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Simplifies Burr Removal On Elliptical And Curved Surfaces

Self-centering to provide an even chamfer of curved hole edges. Replaceable TiN coated HSS-Co swivel-pivot blades easily follow any rounded hole, providing a simple solution to a common, costly problem.

Ellip Deburr
  • Operating Range: 5/32” – 1”

  • Application: Deburring and Chamfering

  • Coating: M42 HSS-Co uncoated or TiN coated

  • Drive Source: Hand Drill, Drill Press or CNC Machine

  • No Tool Settings Required

Elliptical Deburring Tools Are A Simple Solution To A Costly Problem

Quick and efficient, the constant pressure of the spring, combined with the pilot, keeps the cutter centered, easily following any rounded hole to produce an even chamfer and uniform burr removal.

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