Outside Carbide Roller Burnishing Tools
Outside Carbide Roller Burnishing Tools

The tools are capable of burnishing outside diameters, tapers, faces, fillet radii and spherical surfaces. The carbide-roll burnishing tool follows a similar path as the cutting tool and at comparable speeds and feeds. Carbide rolls are available from stock in four different radii: .031″, .062″, .093″ and .125″.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Produce 4 to 8 microinch finishes (0.13-0.20 µm) in one pass
  • Reduce costs by eliminating secondary operations
  • Economical tool life with carbide roll and roll reconditioning service
  • Inch and Metric size shanks available in right and left hand
  • Metallurgical improvements:
  • Work hardening
  • Resistant to fatigue failure
  • Corrosion resistance


  • Can be run on a manual lathe or CNC turning center.
  • Flood coolant is highly recommended.

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