ID Roller Burnishing Tool

ID Roller Burnishing Tool

Monaghan ID Roller Burnishing Tools produce fine surface finishes and control size in ID surfaces. The tools are easy to set for diameter with the micrometer adjustment nut.

Roller burnishing is a chipless machining method which cold works the metal without cutting or abrading the surface. It removes no metal but rather compresses, or “irons out”, the peaks of a metal surface into the valleys, generating a dense and uniform surface.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Produce 2 to 8 microinch finishes (0.05-0.20 µm) in one pass
  • Accurate sizing
  • Fast cycle time
  • Eliminate secondary operations
  • Metallurgical improvements:
  • Work hardening
  • Resistant to fatigue failure
  • Corrosion resistance


  • Can be run on almost any machine tool either the tool or work piece can rotate.
  • Flood coolant is required.

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